Aromatic Grounding Three Month Program

Aromatic Grounding Three Month Program

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What is Aromatic Grounding?
Aromatic Grounding provides a foundation for identifying and understanding stress by incorporating aromatic products as a basis of support to click the reset button on stress triggers and responses. Adding  aromatherapy to stress mapping can aid the understanding of your layers of stress and their root causes 
With this understanding, you can begin redesigning your stress responses by creating a stress survival toolkit to use at home, work, or on the go.  
What is Stress Mapping? 
Stress Mapping is not a new concept, nor is it based in alternative medicine. It has been used by psychologists to help their patients to get to the root of their stress so they could better treat them. This is similar to “mind mapping,” which has been used by psychologists to help their patients uncover negative thought patterns and what triggers them. Throughout this program takes that concept and focuses it specifically on stress, creating a visual to help you connect the dots between the stressors in your life.
By literally mapping out your stress responses, you will peel back the layers of what is eating at you and decode your triggers, allowing you to redesign your body and mind’s responses to stress. 
This is an interactive approach to visualizing all of the stressors in your life and how they relate to each other. Throughout the program we will be working on your individual stress map from the starting point through its evolution to the ending point with next steps. This will be a visual reminder to help you identify and become more self-aware of the stress in your life.

What is Stress Redesign? 
Stress Redesign is the result of combining the process of stress mapping and the principles of aromatic grounding to redesign our stress responses. We are rewiring our brains through the incorporation of aromatic products into our daily lives as a mechanism to stave off stress and to overwrite how we previously responded to stress.

Program Details
The program is three months long and includes one in-person (or Skype session) plus six additional coaching sessions by phone or Skype. This program includes the following:
  • One 90 minute in-person session or Skype for long distance
  • Six coaching sessions one-hour phone calls (two per month)
  • Access to my direct email and personal Facebook
  • Aromatic Grounding Stress Kit

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